The Cunning Fox and The Foolish Crocodile Story

The Cunning Fox and The Foolish Crocodile

Once a crocodile wanted her children to be educated. So she went to a fox and asked him to educate her children. The fox willingly agreed. The crocodile became happy to depend on the fox because it looked very reliable. So it left its seven children with the fox and returned home. By this time there occurred a femine in the country. The fox went in search of food but it found no food outside. Days passed by and the fox was on the verge of death. At last it decided to eat the children of crocodile one a day. After a few days the crocodile came back to see whether the children were getting educated or not But by this t be the cunning fox had already eaten up six out of seven children of the 07 of crocodile. So to evade the truth the fox brought out the only child of the crocodile and showed it that this was the first one. Then he again went into the hole and brought out the same one and told the crocodile that it was the second. In this way it showed the crocodile the same crocodile child to its mother seven time and beguiled it by giving it an impression that all the seven children were hale and hearty. On the next day the crocodile mother came to meet the children again. But by this time the cunning fox had eaten up the remaining one and fled away. Now the crocodile understood the point and wept and went away.

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