The Change of the Lot of a Poor Farmer Story

Once there lived a poor farmer who worked very hard to maintain his family. But he could hardly manage two square meals a day. One day while working in the field he found a basket He picked it up and carried it home. He showed his wife the basket. Then he opened it. It is a matter of wonder that there were many gold coins in it The farmer was very honest. He decided to find out the original owner of this basket. But his wife tried to prevent him from doing so. He did not listen to her. Rather he began to look for the original owner. He failed to do so. Then he decided to utilize the gold coins. He built a hospital, an orphanage and a mosque. He also set up some mills and factories to solve unemployment problem in his village. Soon he became very famous. He was honoured everywhere. He would always help the poor farmers of his village. Eventually his village got very prosperous.

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