Dialgoue Between You and Your Friend on Various Effects and Remedies of The Problem

You are Alif. Your friend Rifat knows a lot about air-pollution. Now, write a dialgoue between you and your friend on various effects and remedies of the problem.

Alif: I think you know a lot about air pollution. Would you please tell me what does air pollution mean?
Rifat : Air pollution means the ways in which air is polluted.
Alif : How is air polluted?
Rifat : Air is polluted in many ways. For example smoke pollutes air. Moreover railways engines, bus trucks also use petrol and diesel oil. All these things create smoke and cause air pollution.
Alif : Where does serious air pollution occur?
Rifat : Serious air pollution occurs in big cities where there are many buses, trucks and cars plying the street everyday.
Alif : What harm may it cause?
Rifat : It may cause different type of diseases like bronchits, asthma etc.
Alif : How can we get of air pollution?
Rifat : We should set up industriy and brick field outside the main cities. Above all by raising public awareness air pollution can be checked.
Alif : Thank you.
Rifat : Welcome.

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