A Selfish Giant Story

A Selfish Giant

Once there was a selfish giant who had a large and beautiful garden. The garden was full of soft green grass. Here and there all over the grass stood many colorful flowers like stars. The garden was a nice playground for the beautiful children. One day the giant came back. He had been to visit his friend and had stayed with him for seven years. When he arrived. he saw the children playing in the garden. 'What are you doing here?' he cried in a very gruff voice, and the children ran away. My own garden is my own garden,' said the giant: "I will allow nobody to play in it". So he built a high wall all round it, and put up a notice-board. 'How happy we were there,' children said to each other. Then the spring came, and all over the country there were little blossoms and little birds. Only in the garden of the selfish giant was still winter. The birds did not care to sing in it as there were no children and the trees forgot to blossom. After they stopped coming to the garden, the trees and flowers were so sad that they lost their beauty and were covered. One morning the giant saw the children playing in the garden. They have entered through a small hole in the wall. And spring arrived in the garden, at last to express its happiness on tron seeing the children again. 65. The giant realised that he had been selfish and was very sorry for what he had done. He let the children play in the garden everyday.

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