Grasp All, Lose All Story

Grasp All, Lose All
Greed Brings Downfall

Once a farmer had a goose. It used to lay a golden egg everyday. The farmer used to sell them in the market and within a short time he became quite solvent. But his wife was very greedy. She wanted to be very rich overnight. She told herself, "Surely, there are a good number of golden eggs in its stomach. So, there's no use of getting one egg a day. We can get all the eggs at a time by cutting the belly of the goose." She suggested her husband to do so. But her husband was very intelligent. He did not agree with her proposal. One day when the farmer went to his farm, his greedy wife took a sharp knife and cut the belly of the goose. She did not find any egg. Rather the goose. died. Thus it is for her greed she lost all hopes of becoming prosperous.

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