A Farmer and A Donkey Story

A Farmer and A Donkey

Once a farmer had a donkey. He thought himself to be very clever. He used to carry heavy load of his master alone to a market which was on the other side of river. One morning when the donkey reached the river, he decided to make his journey shorten by wading across the water. But at one stage he reached a very deep spot. He had to swim to cross the river. Fortunately, he was carrying sacks of salt on that day. So, a large portion of the salt diluted in the water. As a result the load became light and he could easily cross the river. He felt very proud of himself. He decided that from next time onwards he would follow the same way. But the donkey did not know that the next day he was carrying a load of sponge. When he reached the river, he started wading through the river. But this time the load became so heavy soaking water that the donkey drowned. Though he thought himself clever, really he is foolish. And for his foolishness, he died.

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