Don't Believe A Flatterer Story

Don't Believe A Flatterer
The Fox and The Crow

Once a crow snatched a piece of meat from a farmer's child and flew to a tree. A fox was going under that tree. He saw the piece of meat in the beak of the crow. He was very tempted. He thought of having a good meal with that piece of meat. So he started flattering the crow. "Hi, Mr. Crow," said the fox, "It is known to everybody that you have a sweet tone. Will you please sing a song for me?" The crow felt very flattered and agreed to sing. When he opened his month, the piece of meat fell to the ground. The fox took it up and left the place. Then the crow realised his foolishness and decided not to believe a flatterer again.

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1 comment

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    26 May, 2023
    সাইজ খুব ই ছোট 😔