E-mail to Your Younger Brother on The Importance of The Co-curricular Activities

An e-mail to your younger brother on the importance of the co-curricular activities.

Subject: Importance of the co-curricular activities

My Dear Enamul,
I hope you are hale and hearty. You are a good student and you always cut a good figure in the examination. You have been totally a bookworm. But you are averse to the co-curricular activities. Now, I am telling you about the importance of co-curricular activities. You know there are many things under co-curricular activities such as sports, different kinds of cultural activities and different kinds of scouts. The purpose of them is to nourish body and health. If a boy or girl has participation in any of these activities, he or she can be physically and mentally fit. I think you should be involved in any of them realizing their importance. No more today. Waiting for a positive reply from you.
Thanking you.
Your brother,

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