E-mail to Your Mother About Not to Waste Valuable Time Surfing The Internet

An e-mail to your mother in response to her advice about not to waste valuable time surfing the Internet.

Subject: Telling something in response to your advice

My dear mother,
I received your e-mail yesterday. I am sorry for not replying with my studies. However, in the e-mail, you advised me not to waste my valuable time surfing to it earlier because I was busy the internet. Now I am telling something in response to your advice. Mother, present world is a world of Internet. It is a nice medium to connect with the entire world. We use it as a medium to connect with other people, sharing files, entertainment, information and lots of other activities that are useful and beneficial in many terms. While surfing internet I find many websites which are useful in many ways. However, I will comply with your request and limit my time of surfing the internet.
I am well. With best wishes to father and love to the younger brothers and sisters.
Your affectionate daughter,

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