Androcles and The Lion Story

Androcles and The Lion

Once upon a time there lived a young man named Androcles. He was caught by a slave merchant who sold him to a rich man in another country. His master was very bad and inflicted heavy torture on him. Androcles was very home sick. One day he fled from his master's house and took shelter in a cave. In the evening a lion entered the cave. The lion seemed wounded as he was groaning. He came near the lion. He took the lion's paw in his hand and removed a big thorn from it. The lion was relieved of his pain. Androcles remained there for some time. After that he started for his home. On the way he was caught by the people of his master. The master ordered his people to throw him into the lion's cage. The hungry lion came rushing to Androcles but he at once bent low at the feet of Androcles. It was the same lion whom he had helped. The lion then broke the cage and ran away with Androcles on his back.

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