Pleasure of Reading Paragraph

Pleasure of Reading

Pleasure of reading is not one but numerous and many-sided. First, books are the source of knowledge and pleasure. They are the greatest companions of man. They offer immense pleasure and inspiration. They can remove the monotony and dullness of the readers. Secondly, a reader forgets his burdens and sucks the real pleasure of life. He is inspired to do lofty things for reading books. He gets energy in mind. His imagination and outlook become broad. He can pass his leisure hours in pleasure by reading books. Thirdly, reading enlarges the opinions, feelings and judgements of a reader. It gives him peace in his turmoiled mentality and sentiment. It makes him sympathetic and humanitarian. It teaches him how life should be enjoyed with happiness. Fourthly, reading serves for delight and it makes a full man. Fifthly, reading enables a reader to realise where real delight lies. It broadens his outlook and faculty of understanding. It keeps him away from the touch of evil. Thus reading gives him intense pleasure and enjoyment. It gives him right instructions and guidance to lead life in general.

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