My Favourite Book Paragraph

My Favourite Book

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift is my most favourite book in many ways. It provides all elements with my choice and pleasure. First of all, it has a world-wide popularity. is able to charm and fascinate the readers of all ages. Gulliver's Travels is regarded as the most famous and interesting story book for all times. The boys and girls take it as merely a fantastic fairy tale. But the mature readers consider it as a mine of satire with utmost reality. Secondly, the allegorical significance of the book appeals them most. The book is like a folded petal. The more we open it, the more we get its fragrance. It satirises almost all base qualities of human being. The book has painted a nasty and corrupted politics of England. England's attitude to the Irish is also criticised. Meaningless scientific researches ignoring the sufferings of man is bitterly satirised. Thirdly, symbolic significance of the book strikes me to a great extent. The brag of the six inches Lilliputians symbolises the brag of the English. Fourthly, Swift has created many new words and coinage. His power of imagination and thinking makes me spell bound. The newly created terms, Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa, Yahoo, Houyhnhnms and many others have enriched English language too. Fifthly, in this very book, the writer has reduced human being to the scale of beastly yahoo. This often hurts me as a man but does not lessen any interest in it. Gulliver's Travels has not only become a classic as a satire on the human race but also classic as a children's book. It is an allegorical satire intended to instruct mankind. Its appeal is immense and permanent. Here lie the causes of my choice.

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