A Good Teacher Paragraph

A Good Teacher

A good teacher is the backbone of a nation. He plays a fundamental role to educate a nation. Firstly, he helps flourishing the latent talent of a student. Without his proper guidance, a student cannot develop himself accurately. Secondly, a good teacher is a model for the students. He should acquire such qualities as they follow in their practical lives. Thirdly, a good teacher must have adequate knowledge in the relevant subject. Fourthly, he must be studious and try his best to make them attentive to studies. Fifthly, a good teacher must be punctual and economical in every respect. He must do the right things in right time. Next, he should have a clear and attractive voice. He must take care of all the students of a class. A good teacher is actually a good actor. In the classroom, he has to perform his role like an actor. He has to enact using his head, hands, face and limbs to make the meaning clear. Lastly, a good teacher is able to hold the attention of all students of the class. He makes the class interesting. His class must be suited to the demands of the students. He is able to tackle any situation in the classroom. There is a saying in this respect, "A good teacher is to be born and not to be created." Despite this, proper training can make a teacher good. So a good teacher is inevitable for creating a good nation.

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