E-mail to your friend how you have PREpare yourself for the ensuing HSC Examination

Suppose, you are Tanzim. Now, write an e-mail to your friend telling him about how you have PREpare yourself for the ensuing HSC Examination.

From: Tanzim To: Mannan
Sent: Saturday, 14 February 2018; 7:30 am 

Subject : About my preparation  

Dear Mannan,  
Hoping you to be hale and hearty by the grace of almighty Allah. I am also well by His blessings. In your last mail you wanted to know about my preparation for the coming HSC examination. You know, I am very weak in Mathematics. To overcome my weakness in this subject, I got help from our Maths teacher Nazmul Haque. On the other hand, English is my favourite subject. I have no problem in this subject. Besides, my preparation for other subjects is also quite good. I prepared hand-notes for Bangla, General Science, Islamic Studies. I got the hand-notes examined by my honourable teachers. They encouraged  me to study well. In fact, my overall preparation for the examination is pretty well. 
Pray to Almighty Allah so that I can keep a sound mind in a sound body. Expecting a sharp reply from you. 

Yours ever 

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