Composition My Favorite Hobby/Gardening

Hobby means one's favorite occupation, but not one's main business. It is very important in human life. It has great influence on our life. It removes our monotony.
There are different kinds of hobbies, such as gardening, painting, stamp collecting, kite flying, picture drawing, fishing, coin collection, picture collecting, reading books etc. So, hobby differs from person to person. Everybody has a favorite hobby. Hobby differs from person to person. Everybody has a favorite hobby. I have also favorite hobby. My favorite hobby is gardening. Some people consider it as a mere waste of time and energy. But I do not think. I spend one or two hours daily in my garden. But I think
Every day I do work in my garden. My garden is in front of my reading room. Whenever I find time, I work in it. I make the soil loose with a spade weed out the grass and plant flower plants in it. I sow the seeds of some plants and water them regularly. I have also put a fence around my garden. It keeps away cattle and naughty children. Various kinds of flower bloom in my garden. They make our house beautiful. I have cultivated the rose, the hasnahena, the marigold, the sunflower etc. in my garden. I find great pleasure in it.
The benefits of hobby beggar description. We know that the success in life depends on work. But only to carry the luggage of work is not man's work. He also needs entertainment side by side work. Hobby is an important source of entertainment. It removes our monotony of works. It helps to form a sound mentality. Before I made this garden, I was a sick boy. I lost my appetite and became very weak. But when I started this garden and worked in it for some time, my health improved. Now I am quite a sound young man both physically and mentally.
 A hobby plays important role to make our life enjoyable. It is a great source of health, wealth and pleasure.

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