Composition Cricket

Cricket is very an interesting game. It is called the king of game. In inspiration, excitement and popularity its place is highest. But it is costly. To enjoy the game needs endless vacation and favorable economic solvency. Though it is the national game of England, it is now played almost in all countries of the world.
The game is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. A large smooth ground is necessary for this game. Other requisites of the cricket game are two wooden bats, a ball and two sets of stumps. The umpire's signal marks the beginning of the play and the bowler starts bowling. After every six balls the bowler's over ends. The batsman may be out in many ways, such as bowled out, run out, stumped out, caught out etc. A run is said to be scored when the batsman, after hitting the ball, changes position once with his partner before the ball is received at the wickets. If the ball crosses the boundary line, four runs are made. Again, if it flies over the boundary line, six runs are made. First innings of one side continues till the tenth player of the batting side is out. The rival team then comes to bat and proceeds in the same way. In a match generally two innings are played. The team that scores the greater number of runs, after making all the rival batsmen out, wins the match.
There are a lot of benefits of cricket game. It develops the qualities of patience, perseverance, discipline, carefulness etc. It increases ready wit. It creates international brotherhood. It helps to improve the health of a player. Because, it is a good means of taking physical exercise.
Though it is a costly game, it is very favorite to all. In spite of having some problem, it is undoubtedly a glorious game. Now it is very popular in our country too.

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