Composition My Favorite Games/The Game I Like Most

We all more or less fond of sport. My favorite sport is football. It is not an indigenous game. It came from England. Now-a-days, it is an international game and played almost in all countries of the world. It is also very popular in our country. It is really an exciting game. Among all games, I like it most.
There are many reasons for which I like football most. No game is so exciting as football. If thrills not only the players but also the spectators. It is one of the outdoor games. A man gets more opportunity to move his limbs through playing football. That works as physical exercise. It lasts for one and half an hour. That is very short. So, to play this game we have not to waste more time. Besides, the rules of this game are very easy to understand. It is also our national game. For all these reasons, I like this game most. The game is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. The referee conducts the game. The players are-one goal keeper, two backs, three half backs and five forwards. The ball is placed at the center of the field. The referee blows a whistle and then the game starts. There are two linemen to help the referee. None but the goalkeeper can touch the ball with hands. The referee's decision is final in the game.
There are many merits of the game. It develops the qualities of discipline, generosity, cooperation, carefulness, brotherhood, comradeship etc. It also helps to improve the health of a player. Because, it is a good means of taking physical exercise.
It has some demerits too. Many students spoil their studies in their craze for football. Sometimes it creates quarrel among the players and spectators. It often becomes the cause of accident. Because, it is one of the risky games. 
In the long run, it can be said that in spite of having some bad sides, the merits of the game are more. It is really an interesting and exciting game. It is also very conducive to health.

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