A Good Student Paragraph

A Good Student

A good student must have some good qualities. A student may be meritorious but cannot be a good student. First of all, he must have regularity in his studies. In other words, he must go on his studies on a regular basis. Secondly, he should do everything with utmost punctuality. He must do things at the time appointed by himself. Suppose, he sits down to read at 7 pm. So he should do it every day. If he sits down in that time on a day and at 8 pm at another day, it will not mean punctuality. Thirdly, a good student must try to concentrate in studies. He should pay his full concentration to his lesson. He must try to understand and remember it with arduousness. Fourthly, a good student should cultivate perseverance in his studies. It means that he should not easily give up his reading if he fails to understand some of his hard lessons. He should make repeated efforts and surely things will be clear to him. Fifthly, he should be careful of preserving his good health. If he fails to maintain good health, he may fall ill and lose much of his study time. Thus he may be a good student.

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