Collapse of a Garment Factory Story

It was a fine sunny day. Almost all the workers were busy with their daily activities in a factory. Suddenly there was a crashing sound. Everybody in the factory got panicked. They couldn't make out what was happening They found the ceiling breaking down on their heads. Whole building was collapsing. The workers hadn't even time to shout in such a devastating situation. Everything happened within a moment. Many died on the instant. Many ones found themselves in debris. They couldn't find any way to come out of the collapsed building, Some saw others dying before them. Some were shouting for help. The people outside had nothing to do but see the victims dying. Few days went by, but the people trapped in the debris got no help from others. Rescue team and people from all walk of lives tried their level best to rescue the victims. But they could hardly reach them. They debris were being removed by the heavy weight cranes. Someone were rescued after much effort. Suddenly a rescue member found a woman groaning down the debris. But it was very difficult to reach her. A hole was made to reach her. A rescue member then could go near the woman. The dying condition of the woman touched him. So he determined that he would rescue the woman at any cost. He had to cut some rods with a drill machine. While cutting the rods a fire broke out there. He was terribly injured and at last succumbed to his injury. The woman there also died after some time.

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