Grasp All, Lose All Story

Once there lived a poor man in a village. He had a peculiar goose which laid a golden egg everyday. The poor man earned his livelihood by selling the golden eggs in the nearby market. The man was very greedy. He thought that, the goose laid only one egg a day. So it would take much time for him to be rich. He thought if he cut the goose, he would get all the eggs at a time. And by this way he would be rich overnight. So he told his plan to his wife. His wife was a wise woman and she was not greedy. So she requested her husband not to do so. But the man did not pay heed to his wife. Finally he cut its stomach with a sharp knife. But alas! There was no egg in it. The man was sorry. His wife also scolded him. She said, "You are foolish but greedy. So you have lost all."

লেখা-লেখি করতে ভালোবাসেন? লেখালেখির মাধ্যমে উপার্জন করতে যুক্ত হতে পারেন আমাদের সাথে Telegram এ!
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