Natural Calamities of Bangladesh Paragraph For Any Class

Bangladesh is called a land of natural calamities. Because she is vulnerable to different natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, drought, river erosion, storms, earthquakes and so on. Among these devastating forces of nature, flood is the most common one. Almost every year, flood visits our country. It usually occurs in the rainy season. It has a destructive impact on our life. It causes huge damage to our country. Flood washes away our crops, domestic animals etc. It wipes out our trees, houses and so on. It causes death to a large number of people every year. However, the sufferings of the people do not vanish just after the flood. Because they have to suffer from the aftermath of flood. Many types of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea usually break out in an epidemic form after the flood. People also suffer from the want of pure drinking water, food, shelter etc. They have to depend on the relief and charity of other people. In fact, the sufferings of the people after the flood know no bounds.

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