My Homeland Bangladesh Paragraph For Any Class

Bangladesh is in South Asia on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is surrounded by India on three sides. She became independent in 1971. Dhaka, a cosmopolitan city, is the capital of the country. There prevails moderate climate here. It is a riverine country. The makeable rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamauna, the Surma, the Karnafuli etc. Rice and jute are our main crops. The people here are engaged with various types of occupations. The villagers are mostly engaged with agriculture. There are day labourers, fishermen, potters etc. Most of the inhabitants are Muslims but about 15% of the population are of other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. The people are very hospitable are follow certain common social customs and traditions together. Here usually families are led by the husbands though in some tribes women are the decision makers of the family. Generally, monogamy is practiced and people now like to live in a nuclear family. They celebrate some occasions such as Pahela Baishakh, Nabanna and Pahela Falgun with great enthusiasm and festivity. Men, in general, wear pajama and Panjabi and women dress themselves with shari and blouse. The county is endowed with natural beauty and places of historical importance. So, she has a good number of tourist spots like the Cox’s Bazar sea-Beach, Kuakata, Moynamoti, the Shat Gomguj Mosque, the Buddhist Vihara etc.

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    05 September, 2022