How to Keep Good Health Paragraph For Any Class

Good health refers to the physical and mental soundness which makes one healthy, fit and active and keeps one free from diseases. But it is not easy to maintain good health. In order to keep good health, one should follow certain rules of health. One should take regular physical exercise, proper rest or sleep and above all, a balanced diet. But it is a matter of regret that most of our people, as they are living bellow the poverty line, cannot manage all the foods necessary for maintaining good health. But even the rich and educated people of our country, though they take a wide variety of foods, are not conscious of the rules of good health. The ever-increasing problems of our day-to-day life seem to affect our health greatly. They give rise to frustration, hopelessness, mental disorder and many other socio-economic confusions. All these factors take away the peace of our mind and affect our health. However, a person with a simple and carefree life is likely to enjoy a sound mind in a sound body.

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