The Love for Sweetmeat Story

The Love for Sweetmeat

One day an old woman came to Hazrat Muhammad (SM) with a complaint against her only son. She informed the respectable and great prophet that she was irritated by the constant demand of her young son for sweetmeat. She was a widow and was suffering from financial crisis. She could not fulfil her son's constant demand of sweets. So she came to the prophet with a view to solving the promlem.

The great prophet (SM) listened to her problem with rapt attention. He was filled with compassion for the wretched woman. He then said to her that he was not going to say anything regarding the matter that day. But she must bring her son again to him after a week.
The woman had full faith in the great prophet (SM). She then departed the place showing great homage to him. After a week, she came to him along with her son. The great prophet fondly called the boy to him and said, "Good boy, you love your mother and your mother love you, so why don't you be obedient to her. Don't do anything, which means trouble to her. Your mother is poor, so it is not possible for her to buy you sweets as often as you demand now. Be sure she will buy you sweets when she is able to do so."
These kind words of the great prophet (SM) convinced the boy and pleased him. He promised not to give any more trouble to his mother by asking for sweets constantly. He along with his mother departed from the place.

After their departure, one of the Sahabis asked the great prophet (SM), "Why you had not given him this advice the first time he came to him." The prophet (SM) smiled and said, "I myself am very fond of sweets like the boy. So I can't give advice that I myself do." Then all Sahabis understood the fact.

Moral: Don't tell others to do what you can't do yourself

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    25 January, 2022
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    08 May, 2021
    Prophet Muhammad sm pbuh , I really love the moral and prophet himself stop eat then advised him , I am really grateful to be muslim thank u Allah for sending me in muslim community