King Canute and His Courtiers Story

King Canute and His Courtiers

There was a great king named Canute. His courtiers often flattered him. One day his courtiers said, "Your Majesty, you have endless power. Even Nature obeys you. If you command the sea to stop, it will stop." King Canute disliked such flattery and wanted to teach them a good lesson. He went to the sea-shore with his courtiers and took his seat on a chair there. The sea was rough and the waves were rolling on. The king commanded, "O sea, stop there and do not move forward." But the waves rolled on as before and drenched their clothes. Then the king turned towards his courtiers and said, "Don't flatter like this. Remember that God alone is all-powerful who can stop the sea. But no man can do this." The courtiers felt ashamed of this and gave up their flattery.

Moral: Flattery is meanness.

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