The Greatness of Sultan Salahuddin Story

The Greatness of Sultan Salahuddin

One day in the battle of Jaffa, the Christians were winning and the Muslim soldiers were o falling back before the Christian horsemen. The Christian General was Richard the first of England. He was a brave man and a fierce enemy of Sultan Salahuddin. In one of his fights, a Muslim soldier knocked him off his horse but he got up and started fighting on foot. One of Salahuddin's men saw this and shouted to Salahuddin, "Richard has lost his horse. Why don't we kill him now?" Salahuddin replied, "No, he is a noble soldier. Give him my best steed so that he can fight properly again." Salahuddin's behaviour charmed Richard. He said, "I am proud that I am fighting against a noble enemy like him."

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