E-mail to Your Sick Friend Expecting Quick Recovery from Sickness

Suppose your friend has become seriously ill. He has been hospitalized. Your examination is very near. So it is not possible for you to visit him in the hospital. -ung Now send an e-mail of sympathy to your sick friend in hospital.

Subject : Expecting quick recovery from sickness

My dear Shamim,
The news of your sudden admission into Sylhet Medical Collage Hospital took me aback. have learnt that you have been suffering from gastric pain for about a week. I should be beside you in the hospital. But you know my test examination is going on. It will be finished on the 17th instant. Immediately after the examination I shall come to meet you. I am sending my younger brother, Mukul to hand you some books. These may help you to remove your boredom.
Don't get nervous. Be bold and think you are quite well. In fact it is not a serious disease all. Moreover, medical science has made a tremendous development. You need only proper dieting and good care. Many people of our country have been suffering from the same disease. I hope you will recover soon.
I am coming within a week. I wish I shall find you fully well when I meet you.

Yours ever,

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