E-mail to Your Friend Expressing Your Condolence at Her Father's Death

Suppose, you are Anamica/Anik living in Munshigonj. Your friend, Tonima / Tunu who lives in Manikgoanj, has lost her/his father. Write an e-mail to your friend expressing your condolence at her/his father's death.

Subject : Expressing condolence

Dear Tunu,
I am very shocked to hear that your father is no more on earth. I could never think that he would leave us at such a premature age. I do not know how to console you in such a situation. Your grief is so great that words will fail to console you. The loss of a father is irrecoverable. I know how sad it is to lose a father because I have also lost mine.
I pray to the Almighty that He might give you strength to bear the loss. I also pray heartily that his soul may rest in peace.

Ever yours lovingly,

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1 comment

1 comment

  • Anonymous
    30 November, 2022
    Ar akto coto kore leken please