E-mail to Your Friend Inviting Him to Spend The Summer Vacation

An e-mail to your friend inviting him/her to spend the summer vacation in your village.

Subject : Invitation to spend summer vacation in our village home

Dear Ortho,
I am very happy to have your sweet note and hope you will write to me time to time. You have asked me to tell you how I will spend my summer vacation. It is sure that during the summer vacation both of us will get enough time of our own. May I have pleasure to invite you to spend a few days with us at my village home, Sonargaon. I believe your stay in the village will relieve you of the boredom of city life. The rural environment will refresh your mind and restore your energy.
If you want to come to our house, you will have to go to Gulistan for taking Dhaka-Sonargoan bound bus. Within an hour it will reach you there. After getting off the bus, ask anyone working in the nearby tea-stalls about the location of our house and he will show you that. Our village stands by the side of a river. It will be very pleasant to have a walk by the side of the river. Swimming in the river will not be less interesting. More interesting will be boating in the river or in the canal in a moon-lit-night. We shall also be able to play different games in the evening.
Moreover, you know Sonargaon is a place of historical interest. The museum of Sonargaon will of course charm you much. You will be able to see many ancient relics there. I believe everything there will give you much pleasure.
I hope you will not miss this opportunity. No more today. More when we will be together.
With best wishes.
Yours ever,

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