E-mail to Your Friend Inviting Him to Join The Picnic

Your class wants to go on a picnic at Sonargaon. Amit is one of your intimate friends. Now write an e-mail to him inviting him to join the picnic.

Subject : Inviation for joining a picnic

Dear Amit,
Our school will be closed for winter vacation on Friday next. You will be glad to know that we are going to have a picnic, on the 15th instant. We have decided to go to Sonargaon. It is a place of great historical interest. It is also quite near to Dhaka. Shamim, Apel, Aziz, Rumi and some of our other friends will join us to the picnic. We expect to have a very pleasant time. I hope that you will join us and increase our pleasure.
No more today. With best wishes and love.
Lovingly yours,

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1 comment

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    11 November, 2021