Dialogue Between You and Your Friend Regarding Your Future Plan After The Publication of The Result

Suppose, you are Salam/Salma and your friend is Anwar/Anwara. Both of you have just completed your SSC examination.
Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend regarding your future plan after the publication of the result.

Salam : Hello, Anwar. How have you written your examination?
Anwar : Quite well. What about you?
Salam : I have also done well.
Anwar : When do you think the result will be published?
Salam : It may take two months.
Anwar : It is the time for us to choose our future plan.
Salam : Yes. I have decided to be a teacher.
Anwar : Why do you like teaching?
Salam : It's a noble profession. It will offer me much scope to do good to the whole nation.
Anwar : But are you aware of the fact that nowadays teachers are not held in due respect? They are ill-paid. This profession needs much tolerance and sacrifice.
Salam : Yes. I know all these. Even then, everyone has got some duties to perform in society. I would be able to spread the light of education among the illiterate. Anyhow, would you please tell me about your future plan?
Anwar : Actually, I wanted to be a businessman. But I am now influenced by you. So, I will also become a teacher.
Salam : Thank you very much.
Anwar : You're most welcome.

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