Dialogue About How to Learn English

English is an international language. Hence it is very essential for many reasons. Now, write a dialgoue between yourself and your friend Mehedi/Mina about how to learn English.

Lina : Hellow, Mina. How are you going on with your study?
Mina : I'm doing quiet well in all subjects except English.
Lina : But English is an international language. We all should be knowledgeable in English.
Mina : You're excellent in English. Would you please give me some practical hints how to learn English correctly and use it properly.
Lina : In order to have good command over English you're to learn rules of grammar and enrich your vocabulary. Grammar will help you write correctly and rich vocabulary will help you use the correct word at the proper place.
Mina : How can I develop my power of conversation?
Lina : The only way to develop fluency is practising of speaking English.
Mina : Is there anything more?
Lina : To enhance your writing capacity you're to write a few pages in English everyday. Moreover, to develop your listening skill you must hear radio, watch films etc. You should also read book, newspapers, magazines etc.
Mina : Thank you for your wise suggestion.
Lina : You're most welcome.

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