Dialogue Between Two Friends on Arsenic Pollution

A dialogue between two friends on arsenic pollution.

Jabbar : Hello, Sabbir! What are you doing?
Sabbir : I'm reading an article on the effect of arsenic pollution.
Jabbar : It has become a serious problem in the society.
Sabbir : Do you know what is arsenic?
Jabbar : When the presence of arsenic in water is higher than the acceptable quantity is called arsenic. It is found especially in tube well water.
Sabbir : Which part of our country is most affected by arsenic?
Jabbar : North Bengal.
Sabbir : How does arsenic enter into human body?
Jabbar : When anybody takes arsenic contaminated water, it enters into human body.
Sabbir : What harm can it cause?
Jabbar : Poison by arsenic is very slow. It causes in the finger or in any other part of the body. Sometimes the sore turns to gangrene and then to cancer. It also affects different parts of the human body like liver, kidney, heart, stomach, skin etc.
Sabbir : How can we get rid of this problem?
Jabbar : There is no medical treatment that can prevent the disease caused by arsenicosis. So creating public awareness is very important. We should take surface water and rivers and also rain water after necessary treatment.
Sabbir : Thank you for your important discussion.
Jabbar : You are most welcome.

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