Dialogue Between Two Friends About Invited His Elder Sister Marriage Ceremony

Suppose, the marriage ceremony of Zaman's elder sister will be held on next Friday. He has invited his friend Rasel to the party. Now, write a dialogue between two friends.

Zaman : Hello, Rasei! How are you?
Rasel : I am fine. What's about you?
Zaman : Quite well. I have gone to your house to invite you.
Rasel : Invitation for what!
Zaman : The marriage ceremony of my elder sister will be held on next Friday. So, you must come two or three days before the marriage ceremony. Here is the invitation card.
Rasel : What a good news! Have you invited any of our friends?
Zaman : I have invited Depak, Rubel. Abid.
Rasel : Then it will be very exciting. I'll come to your house on Wednesday evening.
Zaman : Don't forget to bring your camera with you. I'm in a hurry. I have to go to many other places.
Rasel : Many thanks for your invitation.
Zaman : Thank you. Hope to meet you at our house.
Rasel : You're most welcome.

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