Dialogue Between You And Your Friend About Her Birthday

Suppose, your friend, Shila is going to celebrate her birthday on next Monday. She has invited you on the occasion. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about her birthday.

Myself : Hello, Shila! How are you?
Shila : I am fine. Why have you come to our house in the morning? Any problem.
Myself : Oh, no. I am going to celebrate my 16 birthday on that day.
Shila : What a happy news!
Myself : I'll be very happy if you join the party in the evening.
Shila : Of course. I'll attend the party. Whom are you going to invite?
Myself : I have invited all my friends including Rimi, Sumi, Parveen and some of my relatives.
Shila : It'll be a great fun for all of us. Anyhow, what are you going to arrange for the party?
Myself : There is an arrangement for dinner for all the guests and after the dinner there will be songs, music and fun etc. I expect you to come earlier.
Shila : I'll reach much before the programme. I wish all success of the programme.
Myself : Thank you.
Shila : You're welcome.

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