Dialogue Between Two Friends About The Green House Effect

A dialogue between two friends about the green house effect.

Rumpa : What are you doing?
Rima : I am reading an article about green house effect. Have you heard that the world's temperature is undergoing a significant change in recent years?
Rumpa : Yes. I have come to know from a discussion in Channel 1. Isn't it true that the world's temperature is increasing day by day?
Rima : You're right. This increase is called global warming.
Rumpa : What is the cause of global warming?
Rima : It is caused by the increased amounts of carbon-di-oxide around the earth. And the green house effect is the most likely cause of global warming.
Rumpa : What may be the effect of global warming?
Rima : It may reduce mankind's ability to grow food, destroy or damage wildlife, raise sea levels and thereby flood coastal areas and farmland.
Rumpa : So, everybody including our government should come forward to take immediate measures to get rid of these serious disasters.
Rima : Right you are. Thank you very much for discussion.
Rumpa : You're most welcome.

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