Dialogue Between You And Your Friend About Visiting Interesting Places of Dhaka

Your friend Atique recently visited many interesting places of Dhaka city. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend on it.

Myself : Hello, Atique! How are you?
Atique : I'm fine. Thank you? What about you? When did you come from Dhaka?
Myself : Quite well. Yesterday in the evening.
Atique : How long did you stay there?
Myself : I stayed there for a week.
Atique : How did you enjoy there?
Myself : Oh! It was very exciting.
Atique : What important sites have you visited?
Myself : Almost every day we used to go out with my cousins to visit important places. I have visited the National Museum, the National Zoo, the Central Shaheed Minar, the Carzon Hall, Ahsan Manjil, the Shangshad Bhaban, the Botanical Garden and many other places.
Atique : Really you spent wonderful time.
Myself : Yes. My first visit to Dhaka was of great interest. It has widened my knowledge and experience.
Atique : Thank you for giving me a vivid description of your visit to Dhaka city.
Myself : You're welcome.

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