Dialgoue Between You and The Salesman About Buy A Pair of Shoes

You are Dipu/Dipa. You are at a shop to buy a pair of shoes. Write a dialgoue between you and the salesman of the shop about it.

Salesman : Good morning, sir. How can I help you?
Dipu : I want to buy a pair of shoes.
Salesman : What kind of shoes do you like to buy?
Dipu : I want to buy English shoes.
Salesman : Here they are.
Dipu : Thanks. Let me try it.
Salesman : I think they will suit you well.
Dipu : But they're a bit tight.
Salesman : Here is another pair.
Dipu : Yes. This pair suits me well. How much do they cost?
Salesman : Just two thousand taka.
Dipu : Oh! Here is the money. Please pack it.
Salesman : Thanks.
Dipu : You're are most welcome.

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