Dialgoue Between Two Friends About The Importance of Learning English

A dialgoue between two friends about the importance of learning English.

Sheuli : Hello, Shahida! What are you doing?
Shahida : I'm reading an article about the importance of learning English.
Sheuli : Actually English is essential in our every walk of life.
Shahida : It's an International language. It's essential for higher education. All the books on higher education of every branch of knowledge are written in English.
Sheuli : It helps a man to get a good job and to earn more money.
Shahida : It's the official or semi official language in more than 60 countries and of many international organisations. So to maintain daily official correspondence English is a must.
Sheuli : Right you are. In fact, the importance of English can't be described in words.
Shahida : So, all of us must learn English.

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