Dialogue Between Two Friends About The Students' Failure in English

A dialogue between two friends about the students' failure in English.

Muna : Have you marked that every year many students fail
Mina : Yes. Can you tell the reason? in English?
Muna : There are many reasons of failure. Firstly, our method of teaching a foreign language is very faulty. Most of the teachers are not trained. They cannot teach in scientific way.
Mina : Since English is a foreign language, the students seem it difficult to learn. Moreover, they are not earnest to learn English.
Muna : The students cram answers without proper understanding. In the examination hall they often forget what they have crammed. So the answers they write are incorrect.
Mina : The students are not given any scope to develop their creativity. Rather they depend on their tutors.
Muna : It's high time to take necessary measures so that the students can find interest in learning English.
Mina : Thank you for discussion.
Muna : You are welcome.

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1 comment

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