Devotion to Mother Story

Devotion to Mother

From the very boyhood Bayazid Bostami was very helpful to his mother. He was also very obedient. An interesting event took place one night. He was studying in his room. His mother was sleeping nearby. At midnight, while he was reading, he heard his mother saying water', 'water'. Bayazid took a glass and nt to the jar lying in the corner of the house. But alas! There was no water in the jar. He left no stone unturned to manage water but failed. He thought for a while. After a while, it came to his mind about the existence of a shower at the edge of the village. As it was a dark night, he got frightened to go out alone. But there was none to accompany him. Realizing his mother's necessity, he dared to go out alone. However, he went to the shower with the jar. He poured it with water and returned home safely. Then, pouring water into a glass, he went near his mother. But he ſound her sleeping. He thought to himself whether it would be wise to wake her up or not. He didn't wake her up instead he was standing by her side with the glass in hand. At dawn, his mother woke up and saw his son standing beside her. At first, she could not realize the reason of his standing. Afterwards, she could remember what happened last night. Then, the mother said to her son, "O, my boy, why didn't you wake me up instead of standing for long hours at night?" The son replied, "I thought it would be impolite to wake my sleeping mother." Bayezid's mother became very pleased to hear such an answer from her son. She prayed to Allah to bless her son with the highest spiritual honour. Allah granted her prayer and made Bayazid one of His greatest devotees.

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