The Economic Habits of Queen Victoria Story

The Economic Habits of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria, when a little girl was taught economical habits by her excellent governess. The princess had a set allowance for pocket money and was not permitted to exceed it. Once at the market at Tunbridge Wells, she had expended all her supply of money in a number of presents for relatives and friends. As she was leaving, she remembered another cousin to whom she thought she would like to give a present. She saw a box marked hall crown which, she considered, would be just the very thing for him. But alas! the money was all gone! The people in the shop said they would just enclose the box with other articles. But her governess said. "No, you see the princess has not the money and so, of course, she cannot buy the box." The shopkeepers then said that they would reserve the box and when she got the next due pocket money, the princess mounted her donkey and was at the bazar for the coveted box by 7 o'clock in the morning.

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