A Just Ruler and A Brave Quazi Story

A Just Ruler and A Brave Quazi

Gias Uddin Azam Shah was a great ruler of Bengal. He was very kind and just. He was fond of hunting. One day he went on hunting at a nearby jungle. He aimed at a fawn but his arrow missed its target and pierced a boy who was standing at the jungle. The boy instantly died. Unfortunately the boy was the only son of a widow. He was her only hopes and aspiration. The sudden and premature death of her son by a powerful ruler shocked her much. She could not control her mind because she had lost her last belonging. With great grief in her mind, she went to the Quazi and complained against the ruler. She also prayed for justice. The Quazi was a strict judge of that time. He summoned the ruler to appear before him. All the well wishers and the staff of the Quazi were surprised to hear that and requested him to change his decision. But the Quazi was determined to ensure justice. However, Gias Uddin Azam Shah appeared before the court of the Quazi and admitted his guilt. The Quazi ordered him to pay full compensation to the widow. Gias Uddin Azam Shah instantly carried out the Quazi's order and paid the fine. While the ruler was leaving the court, he drew his sword and said to the Quazi. "If you failed to carry out your duties as a judge out of fear of me, I would have punished you with this sword." Then the Quazi showed a cane to the ruler and said. "If you disobeyed my verdict. I would punish you with my cane." The ruler was very happy to hear such an answer from the Quazi. Actually, the judiciary of the then Bengal was free and fair and the rulers were also just and noble.

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