The Mother Arouses in a Real Mother Story

The Mother Arouses in a Real Mother

Once upon a time, there lived two families in a village. The two families lived side by side. Two women of the two families were not in good term with one another on different issues. By chance, they became pregnant and were about to bear children. At the eleventh hour of their bearing children, they were taken to the same houses. A nurse was there to look after the two child bearing mothers. At the time of delivery, the nurse allowed none in the house. The nurse found that one woman bore a baby boy but she became senseless just after the birth of the child. On the other hand, the other woman bore a dead baby boy and she was in a pensive mood for bearing a dead child. She at once hit upon a plan. She somehow managed the nurse and replaced her dead child by the alive of that woman. After a few minutes, the woman got her sense and cried out loudly seeing the dead child beside her. She could not believe that this dead child was hers. She became almost mad about what to do because she was very much sure that there was something wrong. The nurse told a lie about the two children. Finding no other way, the woman went to the Quazi for Justice. The Quazi listened to the woman's prayer. Then, he summoned the two women. He asked them to let him know the si truth. Both the women claimed for the alive baby boy. AL last, the Quazi hit upon a plan. He decided to solve the problem technically. He informed both the women that he would cut the baby into two equal pieces and give one piece to each of them. At this, the real mother of the baby burst into tears and said, "Your majesty, please, don't kill my baby. Allow it to live and give it to that woman so that I may feel that my baby is still alive with her." The false mother. on the other hand, kept silent and did not utter even a single word. In this way, the detected and the Quazi handed the baby boy and false mother of the child.

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