A Clever Crane Story

A Clever Crane
Tit for Tat

One day a fox saw a crane at a distance. He said to himself. "What a funny bird that is! It seems to be walking on two thin sticks. It is all neck and beak. Head, it seems to have none. In such a head, he must have no brain at all. But, look! how proud he is while walking! wait, my friend. I shall teach you a good lesson." Then the fox had a hearty laugh. The fox approached the crane and called to him. "What a fine bird you are! Allow me to be your friend." The crane came to the fox. It did not believe the fox. But it tried to be polite with him. They had a long talk together. Before leaving, the fox invited the crane to dinner on the following • day. The crane gladly accepted the invitation.
On the following day the crane went to dine with the fox. The cunning fox had prepared nothing but soup. This he placed in a fat dish. The fox asked the crane to begin eating. The crane stood by while the fox was helping himself with his tongue. "Why, friend, you are not eating at all?" said the cunning fox again and again. In the meantime the fox had already emptied the dish. But the crane understood it all. Before he left, he invited the fox to dinner in his place. The crane also wanted to teach the fox a good lesson. So he prepared a good dinner. He put the food in a pitcher with a long and narrow neck. The fox came at the fixed time. The crane placed the pitcher between them. Then he asked the fox to begin eating. The poor fox looked at the crane eating. His mouth watered at the smell of the food. But alas! He could do nothing. The crane, just to make fun of him requested him again and again to eat. Thus ended the dinner. The fox went back as hungry as he had come. He understood that the crane was very clever. So he was filled with shame. He said again and again, "Tit for tat."

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