The Bad Man and The Sadhu Story

The Bad Man and The Sadhu

An Emperor was told that some of his subjects in a distant province revolted against him. "Come then," said he, "follow me and I shall destroy enemies." He marched against the enemies but they submitted on his arrival. All now expected that he would punish them severely. But instead of doing so, he treated them with mildness and humanity. "Sir," said his Chief Minister, "You promised to destroy your enemies: but we see that you have pardoned them all, and even bestowed favours upon some of them. Is this the way you keep your word?" "I promised," replied the Emperor," to destroy my enemies; but these men are no longer my enemies, I have made friends of them. So my promise has not been broken." Like this Emperor, we also should overcome evil with good and turn your enemies into friends by kindness.

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