The Ready Wit of Hojja Story

Once there lived a wise man in Persia. His name was Nasiruddin Hojja. He was a learned and witty person. One day ne he ambiguously said, "Sorry! I can't read." was on the way to the capital. Suddenly, a nomad rushed to him with a letter and said, "Could you read this letter for me?" Nasiruddin Hojja was then, in a hurry. To save his time, he wanted to avoid reading the letter for nomad. So, "How can that be?" surprised the man. "You've got such a big turban on your head. I know only learned men wear turbans," the man continued. Hojja took off his turban instantly and put it on the nomad's head. "Now, the turban is on your head. Read the letter by yourself now." Saying this Hojja went away. The man got embarrassed and thought what to do.

লেখা-লেখি করতে ভালোবাসেন? লেখালেখির মাধ্যমে উপার্জন করতে যুক্ত হতে পারেন আমাদের সাথে Telegram এ!
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