An Astrologer and a King Story

Once there was a king in India. He was fond of knowing his future from the astrologers. Oneday a clever astrologer happened to visit the capital. The king came to learn about the name and fame of the astrologer. He at once invited the astrologer to the court. The king asked him about his future. He told the king something unpleasant. At this the king got furious and condemned him to death. When the astrologer was being taken to the place of execution the king asked him. "How long would you live?"  "I'll die only week before your death" replied the astrologer with a ready wit. "I'l receive your majesty where you are sending me" he cleverly added. At this reply, the king turned pale like a dead man and shouted, "Drive this wreich away and let him not come here again.' "So goodbye" said the astrologer promptly. Thus he managed to escape from the king's wrath.

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