Session Jam Paragraph

Session Jam

Session jam is the failure to complete a course in time. It is now a common affair in public universities and colleges of Bangladesh. The reasons are not far to seek. Violence in the campuses among the rival student groups compels the authorities often to shut down the institutions. Sometimes student organisations call for strike in the campus demanding the postponement of examinations and the realisation of different claims and rights. Political parties very often call for hartals. Sometimes teachers and their organisations avoid classes and other activities. They go for movement asking for the realisation of their different demands. Again, natural disasters and any sudden mishap seriously affect academic session. All these factors cumulatively hamper the normal running of the courses of the institutions. Therefore, session jam is created resulting in the loss of many valuable years from the lives of students. They terribly suffer academically and financially. They get only three or four years to get a government job. Without managing a job, they turn into the burden in a society. In order to get rid of this curse, students should be aware and raise their voice against session jam. The student organisations must look to the interest of their study. The authorities should be strict in their admission. All lawful demands and rights should be realised in time. Effective measures are to be taken to engage students in study all the year round. Actually, an all-out and co ordinate effort can reduce session jam and save the students from the curse.

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