Drama and Novel Paragraph

Drama and Novel

Novel and drama are two important forms of literature. Novel means new but drama means literally a thing done. Novel is a lengthy fictional narrative in prose dealing with characters, incidents, and settings that imitate those found in real life. But according to Elizabeth Drew, "Drama is the creation and representation of life in terms of theatre." A novel is a fictitious story, often fictitious love story. A drama is also an imaginary story. A suitable characterisation is a must in a novel as in a drama. Dialogue is a must for both novel and drama. A novel has a particular location in narrating its story as a drama has a particular setting. A well-knit plot is a must for both the forms of literature. A realistic picture of a particular society is drawn in a novel. Similarly, a drama is a copy of life, mirror of customs and reflection of truth. A world vision is clearly marked in a novel as in a drama. Novels may be classified according to their manner. On this basis, they may be categorised as romantic, realistic, impressionistic, naturalistic or stream of consciousness. Dramas are classified as tragedy, comedy, tragi-comedy etc. Both novel and drama are considered to be the powerful genres of literature.

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